Am I a Covid-19 Carrier?

Perhaps you believe that: You can believe whatever you want, but what really matters right now is whether you get sick or not. This disease is wildly contagious. Getting sick depends on how you behave around sick people or sick people behave around you. As of July 10, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and…

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Do you know what your medications look like?

Many of us take medications every day. Do you know what yours look like? If you were admitted to the hospital, could you tell them what and how much you currently take? The next morning, when they brought it to you in a little cup, would you recognize it and now that it was, indeed,…

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Let’s Get This Party Started!

There is SO much to discuss about what we hope for from our doctors, nurses, and other health care providers. We consumers are participants in this system. Let’s step up to participate effectively, learn what we need to know to care for ourselves and our families outside of the hospital, and understand the benefits and…

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