Kathy Pendleton

About Kathy Pendleton

After more than 25 years as a technical trainer with various computer software companies, Kathy has directed her analytical fervor toward healthcare solutions through patient advocacy.

Kathy’s frustrations and observations during the extended hospitalizations and recoveries of her own family members have convinced her that errors occur regularly, although not maliciously.  In her business, she teaches people what to do to effectively manage their own health care and the health care of their families.

She is especially passionate about including our preferences in our health care and avoiding treatment and medication mistakes.  Her fifteen years of experience in watching, helping, and asking endless questions during her family’s healthcare has strengthened her belief that:

  • No one cares more about your own health or your family’s health than you do
  • To help ensure that we avoid medical treatment and medication errors for our those we help, it’s necessary to: pay close attention and ask all question, both big and small.
  • While doctors have years of experience and medical knowledge, we have even more years of experience and knowledge of the bodies of our family members.

Kathy is a best-selling author and educator.  She enjoys travel, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends in Florida.

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Email Kathy directly: Kathy@GetTheCareYouDeserve.com