This morning I spoke with a telephone customer service person who lost her husband last year. My heart went out to her, but when I found out HOW, I became indignant! We are everywhere–patients and families whose pain and suffering are multiplied by medical care!!!

What happened to “first do no harm”? I truly believe that doctors and nurses do not wake up in the morning thinking “today I’ll take a life.”
In spite of that, mistakes happen. And in medical care, mistakes can and do kill patients—patients who are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. sons and daughters.

Then the medical professionals close ranks and go quiet. Nobody is willing to tell us what really happened! As patients not in the medical profession, we have limited resources to discover what happened, but these resources do exist.

Please help me to connect with people, to discover topics that YOU want to discuss here, to publicize this site and this blog! I may make mistakes, but I pledge that this year I will be doing my best to teach you how to keep your loved ones safe, to recognize poor process before it negatively affects your health, and to step in, speak up, and get the care you and your family members deserve!